Inner Pilgrimage (Part II)


As we collectively weather the whirlwind of change, overwhelming or unprocessed emotions may be felt as physical symptoms in the body. By establishing regular practices to listen inside, one develops a way to center- to connect, ground, move, release, or transform trapped or frozen emotions and energy.

In Chinese Medicine, unprocessed emotions which manifest as mysterious physical symptoms speak to the realm of the po spirits. The po are connected to one’s animal instincts, physical sensation, and subconscious material. They are related to the physical embodiment of spirit- the corporeal soul- and are connected to the metal element. The po are the yin aspect of spirit, live in the lungs, and circulate between the lungs and large intestine. When healthy, the po anchor the yang aspects of spirit and extract what is of value from our life experiences. There are many ways to nourish the po- though feeding the senses, movement practices, conscious breathing, engaging with nature, spending time with animals.

Recently, I was called to engage in an inner conversation through dance. I cleared out the living room, turned on some music, surrendered to the rhythm, to the wisdom of my body, and to the empty space within and around me.

When I began, I noticed that some parts of my body moved fluidly and flexibly, while other parts were stiff or vacant. Using breath and awareness, I made contact with the places that were ‘speaking’ through sensations- listening inside to what my body had to share about what was happening- without attempting to force, rush, or change the experience. Just breathing, moving, and listening/observing inside.

As I continued to dance, I noticed my breathing increase- opening space to receive and deliver pure qi down from the heavens to enliven and circulate throughout all corners of my body. My heartbeat intensified- delivering fresh warm blood through the channels, allowing my body to connect within. I returned to a lush inner landscape- my inner wilderness- source- a wholeness that cannot be destroyed no matter how challenging things become.

I began to remember that my bones are ancient oracles containing the wisdom of my ancestors. I remembered that my feet are always connected to the earth’s nourishing ground, offering support at all times even when I forget. I heard a song rise up from deep within my belly- my voice- harmonizing heaven and earth. I remembered that every cell of my body is a hologram for wholeness and is a vessel for existence to know and celebrate itself.

When I finished dancing I knew it was not the end, but a part of a life long internal conversation which will continue to inform and support my process so long as I remain faithful to its tending.

By listening inside and grounding in the body, one finds an infinite source of wisdom and strength which can contain all that life brings. One cannot know what the future holds or control all that happens in life, but one can always connect within- this moment- to a rich source of nourishment and presence- home- providing the foundation for one’s continued unfolding.


“As he hastens between them (Yin and Yang), the pilgrim unites the two poles within
himself. Duality, which is the source of all movement and all phenomena, must

constantly return- or be returned- to Unity, its origin and its end.”

 Gai Eaton





About the Author:  Monique Gaboury is a licensed acupuncturist, in Freeland, WA, specializing in Alchemical Acupuncture. She loves sharing her passion for natural healing at her clinic and through writing her blog ’Nourishing Change Through Connection’.

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