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Acupuncture is an indigenous medicine rooted in centuries of observing and interacting with the natural world and the ways in which humans are a bridge between and embodiment of heaven and earth. The ancients saw that the well-being of all life is interconnected, teaching ways to live in harmony with one another, the earth, and cosmos. They experienced Mystery as the essence of life, ever-moving in an orderless order that can be trusted.

Acupuncture grew from deep shamanic roots including the work of Taoist alchemists, oriented toward nourishing the evolution of consciousness though embodied life. In addition to being an adaptable technology for physical healing, it extends beyond healing at only the physical level to support the transformation of suffering and the journey of realizing of our truest nature as it relates to all of existence.

Principles of alchemy are found in traditions throughout the world expressed through nature based healing practices, mythology, ritual, and creative impulse. These same principles emerge though individuals in dreams, active imagination, art, dance, poetry and music expressing universal, archetypal energies that can help guide us toward healing and evolving though the struggles, impasses and challenges of embodied life.

When working at the alchemical level we open to another kind of knowing where all of our experiences take on a new significance. Alchemical Acupuncture works with the internal and external as a unified whole existing in a dance of relationship, interdependence, and transformation.

The points on the meridians are portals able to access consciousness and catalyze change at the physical, emotional and spirit levels. The quality of an element or archetype can be activated, qi or life force is enlivened and moved, spirit finds its home in the body, and soul is related to and nourished.

In this way, we find our place of true belonging not just once, but many times. Our very body/being is our ‘alchemical vessel’ through which our deepest challenges become a new possibility.





Monique Gaboury L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Providing Alchemical Acupuncture on Whidbey

5492 Myrtle Avenue, Suite 200
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I would like to acknowledge that my office is located on the land of the Coast Salish people. I honor, with gratitude, the land itself and the Coast Salish tribes including the Skagit, Snohomish, Swinomish and Tulalip.



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