Video written, narrated, and edited by Monique Gaboury


Winter’s Dream:
Stepping Beyond the Border of Sense-Making


The dream of life weaves heaven, earth and the underworld into an ever-evolving story. Our dreams come from the invisible depths of our own inner world and from furthest reaches of existence itself, leading us out of the confining structures of conditioning to be re-formed in the vast expanse of a more universal, multidimensional consciousness.

Dreams show us something of our own paradoxical nature and contain medicine for the whole-earth community. By developing a curiosity and patience with paradox, we make ourselves available to the genius of life’s complexities. Instead of delineating and defining from the dualistic perspective of either/or consciousness, we make our home in the mandorla— the central overlapping space between dualities where endless possibilities exist and the truly new is able to emerge of itself.



The lucid dream in the video (and in written form below) is a living, holographic story that still informs me since its arrival twenty-four years ago. Instead of analyzing it into some sort of fixed meaning, I have nurtured an on-going friendship with the dream and its images. Each component of the dream reveals a multiplicity of meaning and an intelligence of its own.

The overlaying of two voices in the video represents the dream self and waking self each entering the dream at different times and from different realities, yet able to harmonize, converse, and experience together in the ever-present now.

New awarenesses enter the place where the dream and waking fields overlap and intermingle, widening and deepening the original dream story. We are changed much in the way that the hard stone is carved over time by water consistently flowing over it.

As we enter the realm of winter—cold, contraction, gestation—we find ourselves at the threshold of a different kind of consciousness. Much like a dream, winter’s energies take us below the surface of what is definable down in the depths of what lies just out of sight. One that requires stillness to be known while we sense into the unknown.

Winter is associated with the fluid matrix of the water element—a shape-shifter that changes shape according to its container, changes states (solid, liquid, vapor) in response to its environment and flows to the lowest of places toward the depths of subterranean realms. Water is associated with the bladder and kidney organs, the emotion fear, the gift of wisdom, descent, darkness and the zhi spirit which embodies the will.

Winter asks us to use our will to bring our awareness inward to water’s source, conserving our energies so that our bodies and inner world will be nourished. In this middle place between death and birth, winter is an ever-present threshold or consciousness that lives deep within each of us year-round. Continue reading “Winter’s Dream: Stepping Beyond the Border of Sense-Making”


Painting by Monique Gaboury, Winter of 2020-2021 Acrylic on Wood Panel 35.5” x 46”


In Our Incompleteness Is Our Authenticity:

Tending the Journey of Soul



I Ching Hexagram 23 Po Stripping Away/Splitting Apart—

Keeping Still, Mountain over the Receptive, Earth belongs to the months of October and November.


This is the time where yin/dark energies rise from below, leaving only a small amount of yang/light, just enough to stay connected to the upper realms of spirit like the north star guiding our soul’s journey on earth. As we descend with the leaves and compost down to the bones of those who came before us, we may find old wounds that need tending and are in need of further metabolism. There is also medicine here in the dark fecund soil, and a wisdom as old as time supporting and nourishing the journey.

The natural energies inherent to this season can help us enter the realm of soul. By cultivating stillness like mountain and surrendering to the solidity and generous giving of earth who cares for and holds us, we can discover more about what remains after all that isn’t us or true to our authentic nature falls away like meat splitting apart from the bone. Like the seed being released from its shell and sinking down into the generative soil, awaiting its timely return.

There is nothing to ‘do’ at such thresholds as descent and resurrection. The doing is in the non-doing—in our presence, stillness, surrender, watching, listening and tuning in to the wisdom of the wild instinctive animal body who carries us through such territory. We learn to live both in the mundane world and the world-beneath-the world in favor of living a soulful life.

This is a time ripe for nourishing the parts of us that have gone and have never returned, were lost along the way, never allowed expression or even to exist, or are still gestating and forming. This time of darkness and not knowing requires that we make ourselves available to other ways of knowing and experiencing so that we can hear the song that sings life back into the bones of lost and forgotten things. In this way, we bring to birth our truest, wild self. Continue reading “In Our Incompleteness Is Our Authenticity: Tending the Journey of Soul”



Drinking Sky: An Autumn Ritual for Deepening


There is an exquisite poetry in the ways heaven and earth devotedly flow back into one another, like divine lovers losing and finding each other over and again. Through their undying love, the Ceremony of Life continues through the turning of each season. Each one of us is a participant in this great love affair.

We have just crossed the threshold into fall and the full moon is pulling the ocean of our inner tides in ways that can be unsettling. Yet amidst this turmoil is a quiet reflectiveness under the grey sky. A light breeze is lyrically undressing the yellowing leaves from Weeping Birch’s smooth, silvery body while rain spills all around like gentle tears, embraced by earth upon its return home. I feel how this simple witnessing opens some movement within and I find a way to let go into this transition, settling more deeply into my body. Stillness. Quiet. Completion. Continue reading “Drinking Sky: An Autumn Ritual for Deepening”