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cultivating resilience through changing times


When you are ready to be seen and heard. When you are in pain or discomfort. When you are ready to take pause. When you are seeking care for the deeper aspects of healing. When you long to live from your deepest authenticity. When you are ready to come fully alive.

I am here to support you.





Within every cell of your being lives a deep memory of wholeness.

The journey of healing is a path of whole-making—an organic unfolding toward an inner source. The health of each person is not separate from the natural world within which we are seamlessly embedded. We are wildness, the elements, earth, mystery itself.

By reclaiming the natural intelligence of our own animal bodies and returning to the source of wholeness within, we can meet life’s deepest challenges with vitality, imagination and creativity.

We become capable of navigating the mysteries inherent to life with curiosity and compassion, and more fully embody our place of true belonging.

This changes everything.





Why Acupuncture and Alchemy?


Acupuncture is widely known for effectively treating physical issues and pain and for providing preventive support for overall wellness and longevity. Acupuncture extends beyond healing at only the physical level to connect with the very source of wholeness at the heart of all life, creating the possibility for healing and transformation at the deepest levels, with no significant part of us left behind.

Acupuncture meridians run though our bodies like inner rivers, connecting all organs and functions harmoniously. The points on the meridians act as portals, able to catalyze change at the physical, emotional and spirit levels. The quality of an element or archetype can be activated, qi (life force) is enlivened and moved, spirit finds its home in the body and soul is related to and nourished.

In this way flow and connection can be re-established at all levels, including parts of one’s self that have been forgotten or not yet realized. We gain access to an internal spaciousness and ground of being.

Acupuncture is an indigenous medicine rooted in centuries of observing and interacting with the natural world and the ways in which humans are a bridge between and embodiment of heaven and earth. The ancients saw that the well-being of all life is interconnected, and that there are ways to participate in this organic unfolding. They honored Mystery as the essence life, ever-changing in an orderless order through the cycles of nature.

Acupuncture grew from deep shamanic roots, including the work of Taoist alchemists who were devoted to creating the conditions for one’s deepest challenges to reveal the medicine/gift unique to the individual.

Diverse practices served as vehicles for alchemy, and are found in traditions throughout the world in nature based healing traditions, mythology, ritual, and art. These same principles emerge though individuals in dreams, imagination, dance, poetry and music, expressing universal, archetypal energies.

Alchemical healing is a vastly creative and deeply mysterious journey that can help guide us toward evolving though the struggles, impasses and challenges of embodied life, leading us ever-homeward.

The possibilities are endless when the healing journey is held in this way.





For a glimpse into the inner processes of the healing journey, alchemy, the ways in which we are a part of the natural world and a larger experience, check out my BLOG.


Monique Gaboury L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

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I would like to acknowledge that my office is located on the land of the Coast Salish people.

I honor, with gratitude, the land itself and the Coast Salish tribes including the Skagit,

Snohomish, Swinomish and Tulalip.


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