Becoming Human


And the moment arrives when I reach the limits of my mortal heart. A murmuration of starlings burst from the inside out through lips, eyes, and ears while my body dissolves into all six directions.

I can finally see what I have been missing all along, although it has never left me. Mystery’s ears harken to the sound of silence and I hear my own voice for the first time, singing. Rivers of tears gather into oceans of unfathomable depth, and dismembered flesh transforms into a Land of Plenty.

Something uncoils from deep within moving me to carve pathways down into the fecund soil. My tongue smells what my nose cannot as I feel my way on my belly through the dark, not knowing what I am looking for but trusting this pull that guides from the inside.

All the while I keep singing.

Seeds that have been buried for a thousand centuries tell me that they have been waiting to be sung to just like this. And the soul of the seeds tremor and stir, becoming contractions that last a thousand years until they shatter into forms never taken before.

This is how we love. This is how we pray. This is how miracles happen. This is how life is fed. This is how we become human.




About the Author: Monique Gaboury is a licensed acupuncturist, in Freeland, WA, specializing in Alchemical Acupuncture. She loves sharing her passion for natural healing at her clinic and through writing her blog ‘Re-membering Wholeness, Belonging and Kinship Through Changing Times’.

Juniper Medicine Alchemical Acupuncture serving the greater Seattle area on Whidbey Island. To schedule an appointment call 360-672-1506 or email EMAIL.


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