What Is Juniper Medicine?


Juniper is a beloved ancestor who first caught my attention many years ago. I have spent much time communing with her and listening for her wisdom in locations across the country. Although she lives in many areas, I most often find her in the wilderness where she lives at the edges of the world following geological and cosmological time, holding us with a love as tender and ferocious as All the Mothers of All Time. She watches over the things we cannot see as they heal and ripen into being. She has guided me down through her roots to the middle of the earth and out through her branches following the path of stars to the other side of heaven. She helps us expand to include the things that the mind cannot make sense of and helps the body and heart attune to the invisible realms. Speaking fluently in the mother tongue of Mystery Juniper is a bridge to worlds outside of human understanding. She encourages us to trust the natural unfolding of things and stay alert to the small, quiet, ordinary things that may go unnoticed because they contain seeds and medicines that we will need. She helps the body soften and mind to let go of the urgent need know what is next because time is so much more fluid than we could ever imagine, and this moment, right now, is enough.



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